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New skills, a boost for your career and a gateway to becoming a technology professional. Skills for Jobs program offers learning paths to everyone who is interested in developing their skills – students, career changers, technology professionals, and employers.

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Mastering Specific Competency!

What is a Microdegree Program?

Microsoft Skills for Jobs is a set of Microdegree Programs comprising of technology courses for skills in demand .

The Microsoft Skills for Jobs Microdegree Programs focuses on specific competencies and the education methodology allows all kinds of learners to demonstrate mastery in a particular area without the need to complete a full degree program or be a student at a higher education institute. 

Every year, countless technology jobs open up, providing numerous avenues for aspiring professionals. Microsoft Skills for Jobs Microdegree Programs stands as your gateway to becoming a proficient technology expert and, more importantly, advancing your career.

These Microdegree Programs have been developed in cooperation with KAMK University and industry leaders like Microsoft and global mentor companies specializing in Information Technology (IT). The Microdegree Programs courses, curriculum, ECTS credits and certificates hold global recognition within both the IT industry and academia, solidifying your credentials for lucrative jobs and higher education prospects.

The program is designed for online and independent study, supported by mentorship hours on demand. Each Microdegree Program comprises of comprehensive courses and study units and are assessed using a pass/fail grading system. Your successful course completion requires dedication, fulfillment of all assignments and the online exam.

After completing each course, you will receive a Course Completion Certificate and a shareable badge, showcasing your newfound skills. Upon successfully completing all program courses, you’ll earn the prestigious Domain Specific Professional Certificate and a shareable badge to set you apart in the competitive technology landscape.


The course content developed by universities, prominent IT entities, and employer companies, presents a contemporary and varied collection of concepts and technologies. Delivered through a pedagogically well-structured process, it is designed to be engaging and motivating, fostering a pursuit of excellence in the learning experience.

Certified Learning (ECTS)

Microdegree Programs provide ECTS credits, these are recognized as transferable credits within European Union universities. The ECTS system has been widely adopted throughout the Higher Education Area in the majority of European Union countries, serving as the national credit system.

Course Certificates

Attain Microdegree Programs course completion certificates and the prestigious domain-specific professional certificate from KAMK University, Microsoft, and leading Mentor companies.

LinkedIn Badge

Upon immediate completion of each course, you will receive a LinkedIn badge, signifying your accomplishment in finishing the course and showcasing your expertise in the respective subject area.

Online Verification

For employers and universities, the certificates include a QR code with both the student’s personal information and the details of the earned certificates. This ensures easy verification and establishing the credibility of the certificates. Additionally, the LinkedIn badges provide a seamless online verification feature.

International Jobs

Individuals who have earned Microdegree Programs certificates become a part of a database accessible to mentor companies and promoted to international employer companies in the USA, EU countries, and GCC countries for full-time positions, remote work opportunities, and project-based remote work.

Local Jobs

Leading headhunting firms and employment agencies in the regions where Microdegree Programs are available have access to a database of individuals holding Microdegree Programs certificates . This initiative seeks to link qualified individuals with premium local job opportunities.

Study Abroad

Prospective students looking to begin or advance their higher education in EU universities can take advantage of the transferability of ECTS credits earned. These credits contribute to the total study program credits, streamlining the admission process and enabling students to save up to one year in their bachelor's degree program.

The European Credit Transfer and
Accumulation System (ECTS)

The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS) is a tool of the European Union Higher Education Area for making studies and courses more transparent. It helps students to move between countries and to have their academic qualifications and study periods abroad recognised.

 ECTS allows credits taken at one higher education institution to be counted towards a qualification studied for at another. ECTS credits represent learning based on defined learning outcomes and their associated workload. It is a central tool in the Bologna Process, which aims to make national education systems more comparable internationally.

ECTS has been adopted by most of the countries in the European Union Higher Education Area as the national credit system and is increasingly used elsewhere.

Mastering Specific Competency!

Available Programs

In today’s digitalized world, almost everything works online. The importance of information security cannot be stressed enough, and the field is expected to become even more crucial as all kinds of cloud-based services are growing more and more popular across industries.


Cloud and Cybersecurity

How do cloud services work? If everything is online, how can we keep our digital worlds secure? Explore cloud services and cybersecurity and learn to use Microsoft’s leading services. No earlier knowledge is required to get going on this micro degree consisting of six courses. Are you ready to take the first steps towards becoming a cloud and cybersecurity expert?


Power Platform

How can you automate your work? How to solve problems with personalized applications?
Microsoft Power Platform is the world’s leading low-code development environment, and this micro degree is the most accessible way to get started! No earlier knowledge is required to get going on this four-course micro degree.



Microsoft Skills For Jobs​

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KAMK University, Finland has developed Edukamu learning platform and is a forerunner in offering Microdegree Programs. Learner-centered, motivating, from where and at any time.

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